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PC Gamer Logo“The Lost Vikings of old, Grave Danger seems like the kind of fun, puzzle-y platformer you’ll want to sink your teeth into. The art is fantastically fun and light, very reminiscent of The Lost Vikings, but for the modern generation.”

--The Cliqist

PC Gamer Logo“It reminds me a lot of The Lost Vikings in both the way it plays and the genre-mixing, lighthearted attitude it takes.”


JB Gaming Happenings

1 May 2017

What's new everyone?

Well, honestly, a lot over here! Minefaire Logo

JB Gaming at Minefaire '17

We’re happy to announce that May 19-21, JB Gaming’s CEO Jeff Brooks will be presenting an in-depth talk about the development of Grave Danger at Minefaire 2017, in Houston TX! We’ll also hosting a booth for JB Gaming in Minefaire’s brand new Indie Zone, where some other independent game developers will be showing off their games. I hope you can make it, we’ll be giving away stickers and other goodies, as well as a first hands-on look at our new games! Circadian Shot


You may have noticed: We’re making a game called Circadian! That’s right, this game is currently in development, and is heavily inspired by the EarthBound series. We’re aiming to be a spiritual successor, with new characters and worlds. Right now, Jeff Brooks is solo developing the game, producing it entirely himself. This may change in the future, who knows? Circadian Logo

There's also another game on the horizon!

We don’t have much to say about this one yet, except we’re very excited. The full JB Gaming team is working on this one, and there will be much to announce very soon. At the very least, we can give you a sneak preview image here: Linkle Shot

Don't forget Grave Danger!

It’s been a few months since our PC/Steam release, but that doesn’t stop our mission. We’re just on the cusp of setting an Xbox One digital download release date - we’re sending it to Microsoft to approve right now! Grave Danger is running amazingly on our Xbox One development kits, and it’s just a matter of squaring things away with the Xbox One store now. Grave Danger Shot Want to connect with us on chat? We just started using Discord chat! Click here or below to join our JB Gaming Discord chat and get the live scoop on what we’re up to every day! Linkle Shot

Thanks for checking, and I’ll see some of you at Minefaire this month!

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