Now availiable on PC/PS4/Switch

Grave Danger


  • Play as three unique characters.

  • Engage in 2d puzzle/platforming.

  • Explore and fight through three quirky worlds.

  • Solve puzzles while defeating meddlesome enemies.

  • Play alone or CO-OP with a friend.

  • Uncover an evil plot involving robots, cake, skulls, and one mean baddie.


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Elliot is a powerful wizard capable of majestic feats. Jump to great heights with his double jump ability, and phase through enemies while damaging them with his powerful shield spell. Enemies should be wary of Elliots powerfull spell projectile that can be fire in many small shots or one big powerful shot. Elliot finds himself captured and then rescued by a cowboy only to learn his troubles have just begun.


Dante is a capable cowboy that can wall jump with his signature spurs, allowing him to get to climb up, up, and up. Take advantage of his dash maneuver to dodge enemies, gain speed, and get a nice running jump. Dante’s revolver is his best friend and is a nice reliable companion in the face of adversity, take advantage of this in the tough spots where monsters roam.


Malice is a reaper and he has a lot of charm for a floating pile of bones. Using his otherworldly powers glide across large gaps or drop spirit bombs to decimate your foes. Use Malice’s signature scythe like a boomerang to slash multiple enemies at the same time, don’t be afraid to throw it, it always comes back to it’s master.

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