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PC Gamer Logo“The Lost Vikings of old, Grave Danger seems like the kind of fun, puzzle-y platformer you’ll want to sink your teeth into. The art is fantastically fun and light, very reminiscent of The Lost Vikings, but for the modern generation.”

--The Cliqist

PC Gamer Logo“It reminds me a lot of The Lost Vikings in both the way it plays and the genre-mixing, lighthearted attitude it takes.”


Grave Danger coming to Xbox One Summer 2017

20 February 2017

Hey there Grave Danger fans!

We’re excited to share with you our official announcement:

Grave Danger is coming to Xbox One in Summer 2017!

Finally, Xbox One gamers will be able to purchase and download Grave Danger from the Xbox One store, and experience the game on the big screen from the comfort of the couch.

We’ve been busy working on porting the game, and are stoked to finally cross the threshold as a console developer. We’re also busy creating more content for Grave Danger in the form of DLC to extend the story and add more worlds. As it turns out, the journey is just beginning for the unlikely trio!

Be sure to keep up with us on social media! We’ve been posting development screenshots, cool GIFs, and interviews with the dev team.

Check out this interview featuring Jeff:

Thanks again for checking in! And hey, if you haven’t tried Grave Danger yet, why not grab the Free demo on Steam?

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Grave Danger Update

23 January 2017

Hey there fellow Grave Danger fanatics!

First and foremost thank you for taking an interest in Grave Danger updates, we are currently working on some cool features including releasing to consoles, but in the meantime here are some minor fixes and updates we are pushing out today.

Presenting Grave Danger!

New co-op Camera Feature

When playing co-op you can now press "G" on keyboard or the select button on your favorite control to focus the camera on a specific player. Thanks to a users input we implemented this feature and it really makes Grave Danger's co-op more manageable and adds another layer of fun to it.

Feel free to let us know what features you would like to see in Grave Danger

Here is a list of other issues addressed in this update:

Thanks for being part of Grave Danger! Don't forget to let us know how you feel about the changes in the comment section below.

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Grave Danger: Development Insights by Cody Anderson

11 January 2017

Hey I'm Cody and I am one of the developers that worked on Grave Danger, I was primarily involved in level design in the development process.

Check out my site here.

Anyways, upward and onward! These are some of my thoughts on how the game ended up being what it is today.

The levels in Grave Danger changed as the art style and feeling of the game evolved, I went in knowing that we wanted a puzzle game, but also with some action thrown in here and there. The biggest struggle was to combine these elements when you have three characters on screen. How do I keep it actiony without being unfair to the unattended characters?

We addressed this issue by making death not a huge punishment with grave sites and by how enemies spawned. Once you reach a grave you can die and respawn within a few seconds, or in a relatively timely manner. This made death a little less scary allowing for more experimentation. This also allowed the player to explore the area in ghost form, before respawning, without the threat of hazards getting in the way. Scouting out the surrounding area became part of the strategy, showing you where enemies may be hiding and revealing where puzzle elements were located.

Through trial and error, we refined how enemies spawned, making it more appropriate for the type of gameplay we wanted. For example enemies will not spawn if a character is within a reasonable range. Using this you could clear out and area, then leave one or more of your characters there knowing they were safe for the time being. I feel the game became something really special because of the combination of the action and puzzle elements.

One more note on the enemies, with the exception of "Little Guy", our in studio name for a jumping robot enemy, the enemies are not very aggressive. They are dangerous and give more difficulty to the game, but making them less aggressive allows the player to get all characters away without being overwhelmed. This is necessary when having three characters all controlled by one person on the screen.

I will be posting more thoughts on the game and some behind the scenes content for Grave Danger in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned! Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave a comment below.

You, yes you. Have a great day.


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Grave Danger Artist Series 1: Flying Enemy by Michael Kingery

6 January 2017

Michael Kingery an artist who designed some of the grave danger assets, below is a little look into his thought process behind one of our flying monster enemies.

Check out his other work here.

We needed a generic flying enemy for Grave Danger's initial development. I started out a few months ago with a blob enemy covered in tentacles but didn't know enough about Spine to make it work. Here I am coming back to a more general purpose design with a bit more work under my belt and things are working out better.

I decided to animate the wings by hand and not with a rig due to the complexity of the perspective and animation, so started up drafting a few tests in Photoshop before drawing out the sprites and putting it all together in Spine.

This was one of my first concept rounds at JB gaming - so lots of range trying to figure out the right mixture of scary and goofy.

Initial test.

Revision 2 with the body assets blocked in.

Blocked in the wings.

'Slow' 15 frame idle animation. The up and down strokes are held for a few frames and the tips of the wings are deformed with bones for a bit more organic look.

Here is the desert skin in the "Aggro" animation. The mouth can't open much larger than this at the moment.

Tweaked the wing membrane color for the desert themed bat in this one.

And a Bonus melee attack animation

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Grave Danger 1.0.2: A Speed Runner’s Dream Come True!

3 January 2017

Happy New Years all you Grave Danger endeavorers!

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Grave Danger on Steam, through videos, or at least our demo! We’ve had a great time seeing the positive reactions to the quirkiness and challenge of the game. It’s also been great seeing everyone play the game in order to learn how to make it even better!

One thing I can always tell somebody for certain about Grave Danger: it’s hard. Grave Danger must be mastered, and replayed to truly become the best. Speed running is totally a thing, as the game challenges you to get the fastest, most death-free run possible for each level! I thought it would be a good idea to continue to build on these ideas. So today, I reveal...

Grave Danger 1.0.2!

NEW FEATURE: Wanted: Dead AND Alive Posters. Collect all of the posters in each level for completion bonus!

NEW ACHIEVEMENT “100% Innocent” : Collect all of the Wanted: Dead AND Alive posters.

We’ve strewn wanted posters throughout the world of Grave Danger. Now, you mustn’t just speed run a level to get the S+ ranking, now you can challenge yourself to make sure that Dante, Elliot, and Malice are 100% innocent!

Here are a few other changes that have been made as well:

Thanks for being part of this awesome game!

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